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October 11, 2015


Dr. Ali Al Wazani elected Chairman of Jordan Medical Insurance Association


Amman – Al Rai Newspaper – The General Assembly of Jordan Medical Insurance Association elected a new Board of Directors for the up-coming term in the presence of representatives of member companies.


This has taken place during the annual meeting held by the Association yesterday to elect a Chairman and new Directors for the Association in the presence of member companies and the Secretary General Fawaz Ajlouni.


The new Board of Directors held a meeting during which the Chairman of Jordan Insurance Federation, the Chief Executive Officer of First Insurance Company, Dr. Ali Al Wazani was elected as Chairman while the representative of National Company for the Management of Health Insurance (Nat Health), Ahmad Tijani was elected as Vice-chairman.


Mohammad Al Issa, the General Manager of Mednet Jordan was elected as Secretary; Jamal Izminqna, the representative of Jordan Phosphate Mines Company was elected as Treasurer; whereby, Faris Gammoh, the representative of Jordan International Insurance Company; Mohammad Qaisyieh, the representative of Arab Potash Company and Wasef Haddad, the representative of Jordan Telecom Group "Orange" were elected as members.


Dr. Ali Al Wazani, the Association's Chairman asserted that the Association   achieved during the previous term many accomplishments, the most prominent of which was to establish a strategic relationship with Jordan Insurance Federation, National Association for the Protection of Consumers, Private Hospitals Association, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Royal Medical Services over and above various health-related professional associations.


Al Wazani indicated that, during the past term, the Association acted at maintaining, to a large extent, the level of medical fees ensuring that such fees did not undergo an increase in addition to holding conferences and workshops of important issues that augment the interests of the medical insurance sector.


The membership in the new Board of Directors includes Jordan Insurance Federation, Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, Arab Potash Company, Nat Health, Jordan Telecom, Mednet Jordan and Arab Orient Insurance Company.


It is worth mentioning that Jordan Medical Insurance Association was incorporated in 1998 with the membership of 24 entities which encompass more than 750 thousand beneficiaries from medical insurance.


The Association aims at safeguarding the interests of its members and maintaining medical insurance costs within their normal levels whereby they do not constitute a burden to citizens and in the meantime it cooperates with various local and regional entities in order to promote insurance awareness and assist in the provision thereof to the largest possible sector of citizens at reasonable prices.  

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